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Unveiling the light and shadows of eating disorder recovery—from what it requires to what it can ultimately deliver.

I, Dragonfly is the inspiring chronicle of Kerrie Baldwin’s perilous journey to remission after a decade of anorexia.

Kerrie was 33 years old and managing her career and motherhood when she finally embarked on recovery from her eating disorder. Through the evidence-based approach explained in the foreword by Gwyneth Olwyn, author of Recover from Eating Disorders: Homeodynamic Recovery Method, Kerrie underwent a physical and psychological overhaul. She contended with the unexpected ballooning of her body and prolonged exhaustion and pain in her limbs. She reveled in the freedom of responding to hunger and no longer subscribing to cultural fallacies around weight and health. And most profoundly, she cultivated the authentic self that had been arrested a decade prior, but at an agonizing cost.


Kerrie Baldwin also works as a freelance editor in the trade book publishing and pharmaceutical industries, and she lives with her family in upstate New York. 

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Paperback and ebook editions available through:

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"This inspirational story is captivating and readable, written with simple language and powerful analogies, capable of transporting the reader to the center of Kerrie's thoughts and  feelings without ever dipping its toes into sentimentality....Any reader, with or without an interest in eating disorders, could gain inspiration into the strength of human spirit by reading Ms. Baldwin's memoir."  

The Independent Book Review


FEAST of Knowledge annual conference—New York, NY—March 17, 2019

Ulster County Eating Disorders Coalition annual conference—Kingston, NY—November 30, 2018

Rough Draft Bar & Books—Kingston, NY—May 16, 2018


The Golden Notebook—Woodstock, NY—April 22, 2018

Hear Kerrie discuss her memoir and family support through eating disorder recovery in this New Plates podcast with F.E.A.S.T. founder Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh. 


Watch Kerrie read from I, Dragonfly and answer audience questions at Rough Draft Bar & Books. 

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